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Updated: May 26

Want a delicious yet easy dessert which consist of only 2 ingredients? sounds impossible but let me tell you this recipe is not only easy but is vegetarian and is made without using gelatin or agar agar.It sets perfectly and is smooth and creamy and also low in sugar which can be enjoyed by all the ages without the fear of health problems.

                   FOOD FACT.

Mousse is a french word used to describe foam,while mousse was served in chocolate flavour in the early days, it was know as 'mousse au chocolat' in french.when mousse first hit the culinary scene in 1984 it was reserved as a savory dishes like vegetables and fish.then in the 1900's the famous French artist Toulouse Lautrec had a brilliant idea of mixing chocolate to the graceful and airy invention.



  • 1cup whipping cream.

  • 2 ripe mangoesLET'S

COOKING TIME:10mins.                                

LETS START....!!  

STEP1: Let's start by peeling the mangoes and adding them to the food processor, to make it in a smooth paste that can be easily mixed in the whipping cream.

STEP2: Now it's time to start whipping the cream it takes about 5-6 mins for the cream to be perfectly whipped, whip until the cream forms stiff peaks like in the picture.

STEP3: Once the mango paste is ready and the cream is whipped we have to mix the mango paste in the whipped cream like in the picture.

STEP4: After mixing it well it should like the picture.

STEP5:Once the mix is ready you can serve it by adding them to glasses like I have done in the picture and garnish them with mango pieces, and it is ready to serve..!!

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